Yokohama Dance Collection 2021 Competition I

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Yokohama Dance Collection 2021 Competition I Jury Cimments


Photo:Sugawara Kota

11.21.2020 Mt.Hanare,Karuizaw

Scatter scatter. a seed that scattered our memory. hugging a piece of history. rising upon the ground by hoofs and noses, children of the wind, gently swinging the bed for their king. Stutter stutter A sound that stuttered our movement. hearing from somewhere the entrenchment. in the mountain. in the isola. the seeds are their mother. Jukan Tateisi

Jukan Tateisi

Performance – nouseskou, Jukan Tateisi
Movie shooting – Yuu Takagi
Photography – Jukan Tateisi
Sound production – nouseskou
Direction – Jukan Tateisi
Thanks to Art & Culture Hanareyama

Scatter 11.21.2020 Mt.Hanare,Karuizawa
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